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Is this you, searching for the best travel destinations in Kenya…?

5 Apr

Is this you, searching for the best travel destinations in Kenya…?

Is this you?
OK. Let’s cut it!
By your search, it is evident that you are looking for an adventure, a tour or travel.
Your calendar says you’ll be entirely free in the month of June, July or Dec! You’re searching for an organized, reputable and easy to connect with a travel agent for when you go on your trip!
Count your blessings. We are here. Google hasn’t misled you! It has brought you to the right place. To Urbema safaris. The guru of East African tour and travel space. You browse our website, idly, browsing, enjoying every post and photo posted. You get a destination you wouldn’t want to die without visiting.
Tsavo! Amboseli and the entire coastal region.
You are amazed.
It wasn’t so hard to find the destinations in one place/one package like it is on other sites. The post which catches your attention is titled 7 days East Africa. And the price is just as affordable as you can give to travel!
It doesn’t help that you were almost settling for a different option in a different company, for what now seems a higher cost in comparison. You see what we say. Each of those site’s destinations has different packages for which combined you’d pay more, separately, more than you will pay here if you took the 7 days East Africa package. Which is what you settle for. Walahi! You swear and get more curious about what we offer. Your first question becomes, What’s so interesting about this deal with Urbema safaris?
Info on the website comes in handy. It confirms that for 7 days you will visit 3 parks. Tsavo East, West, and Amboseli. OK. You agree. You trust the website! But who else do you trust? Our reviews? Tell me!
Mr. Onyango, from Kisumu, has booked before, directly on this site. After travel, in his words, he told you,

If you want to see magical Kenya. I mean, visit any place in East Africa and enjoy every smithereens of culture, the wild, and the beaches and to experience the unbridled thrill of being in the air while you peer down at earth. To the Mara, Naivasha. Any place. In adventure. Name it. Then Urbema safaris is your agent. Never forget that

He further gave you a number which you called to a voice so composed, polite and hospitable. The voice coaxed you to action. He said he is Bernard Orero. He sent you a mail further exploring the deal you asked for and you replied in hast. Saying Asante Sana. From a glace, you knew it was affordable but still, your eyes roved to land on this very important
What’s included in the price?
You slept over it.
You woke to your breakfast and remembered to go through the content of your mail, again. The price was Ok. If to go by all that was included in that budget: –
1. 6 nights’ accommodation in camp or lodge as mentioned in the schedule
If you chose to camp, the itinerary made it clear to set you up in a tent equipped with a bed, a mosquito
net, towels, bed linen, seating, and dining area; in a lovable property which lies at a distance not too far
from Amboseli National Park. The WE4KENYA guest house.
2. Meals as mentioned per itinerary
You love food.
Well, well-made food inspired by the African, Swahili and a bit of the European cuisine makes you go kookoo.
But that’s not unique. You silently say, “I can get that everywhere else.”
No doubt, from anyone who promises meals in safaris. But tell me why would you want to forgo a crowning view of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s peeked for four walls of dining elsewhere?
Sorry. Let’s rephrase that sentence… On day two, breakfast will be served in front of your tent, overlooking Amboseli national park. Chances are, you will see herds of elephants trudging past your
camp to go feed further into the lands. Talk of starting up your morning in style. For your information, Amboseli is the best place to view herds of an elephant up close.
Later in the day, you should expect to visit 5 different habitats ranging from the dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, wetlands with Sulphur Springs, the savannah and woodlands.
Remember, dining sites change for a more adventurous appeal. Like on day five you should expect breakfast at the shore of the lake. Location – jipe camp
3. Comprehensive game drive for 7 days
Later in the week, you will have taken your lunch under a tree, in a picnic or around some bonfire. I see you smiling. Sounds like a plan? Wait till you are told that your dinner will be set up in Voi wildlife lodge – the best of lodges in the region.
It is a plan! Donge?
As our customers have said it before, we will say it again.
Urbema safaris is not all about food and places to sleep and a few red elephants to see walking around naked here and there. Urbema is more like zootopia. It is a place where dream are made possible and every sight and grit of adventure cherished. It is a place where promises are kept, leisure upheld and adventure lived. That is why in the 7 days of your visit of East Kenya, each day, each hour each minutes and every second accounts to value your money.
If you choose this package to hold me to not traversing the yatta plateau (the longest lava flow in the world). Hold me to not grasping the feel of heritage in the wild of Tsavo east; hold me if you don’t get too close to most of the decorated animals in Amboseli. Hold me if you don’t adore the savannah ecosystem comprising an open grasslands, scrublands, and Acacia woodlands, belts of riverine vegetation and rocky ridges.
Last would be to hold me if you don’t see Mzima springs among other nature sprees in the region.
4. Other stuff catered for include
● Park entrance fees
● Pick up/drop off in Nairobi
You have read this post to the end, that’s how I know that it is you we were talking to. You deserve a break from the hustles and bustles of the city. Claim your spot (link to booking) for an enjoyable travel, tour and guide. Book today. 7 days East Africa. Twende Tsavo.

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